Tuesday, 28 April 2009

MAC senior artist James M visited college today

I think all the cosmetic and media make-up girls can stand united and say we were super excited at the oppotunity to see a professional at work and ask him questions but we ended up abit awestuck and instead just gazed in wonder and amazement at what this man can do with make-up.

He did a neutral face look first. I haven't photos but i will try to explain the main products used and how...

first he primed the skin with strobe fluid on a 187 brush to bring out the natural highlights of the face.
Then he applied face and body foundation with his hands (no brushes!) building up coverage where needed.
He used studio sculpt concealer and a 217 brush under the eyes and on any redness.
Next James contoured the face using mineralize skin finish natural in medium dark using what looked like a 136 brush (it was large and supersoft, not stiff)after buffing this into the skin he added Shimpagne minerlise skinfinish on top of the cheek bones and down the nose adding highlights to the skin.
Then added powder blush using a large brush again but im not 100% sure if it was the 136 he used a mac pro colour which was a very vivid pink but he built a light wash of colour rather than used the product heavily.
The cheeks were then finished using pink rebel lustre drops which will be realised with the style warriors collection ( just to let you know this product looks absolutely stunning on)
For the eyes he used a cream colour base straight on the eyelid without priming first using a 249 brush, the colour he used was very light beige from what i could tell but im not sure on the actual shade.
He then added shadow in wedge to the socket line blending using a 222 brush...or was it 224? one of the two im having to memorise this from earlier!
Next was the liquid black eyeliner on the angled 208 brush and mascara using the mascara brush.
The eyebrows were filled in fling
and to the lips he added a very pale gold dazzleglass gloss over concealer (wish i could remember which!)

...if i get photos from other people in my class i will post to show you the look and maybe blog about the smokey eye look later :)


p.s apparently MAC are closing down the nottingham store for a day so we (just our class )can go in and take our time looking and trying the products so i need to get saving immediately lol

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Is it just me or does everyone love getting parcels?my hair curler arrived!woo!

Hey everyone!
thankyou to the new followers/subscribers i really appreciate people reading my blog, and i love finding other peoples so if you want to leave me a comment with a link to your own blog , you are very welcome to do so!

I have to say I LOVE getting parcels in the post. Even though I know what I've ordered..when it comes wrapped up or in a big box with my name on I get really excited lol it's like having a birthday or christmas. I don't know if anyone gets as over-excited as I do though. :)

One of the nicest parcels comes from LUSH cosmetics. They put loads of effort into the wrapping paper and string to hold it together. I don't know if i've mentioned this before but you know the popcorn they use for packaging? well when i worked at LUSH we had a customer ring up and complain that they had eaten the popcorn in the box and now had an upset stomach! Well...what a silly thing to do!! hehe. Honestly something that has been covered in bath bomb dust isn't going to taste very pleasant is it?

For working there i've had numerous parcels from them (especially christmas time when everybody gets a bumper selection of all the seasonal goodies) and they are absolutely fab! It kind of reminds me of a lucky dip at a carnival when you bury in the sawdust for a little present, except with lush its popcorn :) (chosen because its dio-degradable,and lightweight).

You have to love LUSH to work there, I was a lush addict and a nice perk of the job is you get to try samples of most of the products to be able to sell them to customers in future. You have to really know what your talking about as well as the ingredient knowledge and skin types etc. I have it all in my memory still too. I think its the kind of information that never leaves you...

anyway I'm rambling..what i really wanted to blog about was my new Babyliss pro porcelain conical wand

I ordered these for £30 inc p+p from www.hqhair.com. The delivery was fast and I even got free samples of fekkai hair conditioner :)

This is what it looks like, pretty plain but let me tell you the effects are far from plain!!

Yes Im pulling a silly face as usual!

This is my hair the day AFTER I used these tongs. I absolutely love the soft wave effect and its so easy to do!simply wrap a random section of hair around the barrel and hold for a few seconds then release.
I've heard reviews that said people have burnt their fingers on these but I can honestly say I haven't and im not using the free finger shields provided.
I have the babyliss curl press too and that it fiddly to use and burns my fingers but this does not. I'm so gutted I hadn't bought it sooner!

I also bought a pair of the false eyelashes designed by Girls Aloud from superdrug.
I bought cheryl's pair, but only because It was too difficult to choose as they are all gorgeous

They look very dramatic but tiny in the box but the effect on it stunning compared to other false eyelashes I have tried. MAC's eyelashes for example are often a little too long and then the effect of your eye make-up is lost a little. These girls aloud lashes however are 'my own lashes but more lush' kind of material.

People think Cheryls lashes are very dramatic and are night time wear but I would happily wear them in the day because they dont look too dramatic on me.

I'm going to treat myself to a different members eyelashes every week from now on lol.

Speaking of treats my lovely boyfriend bought me MACs 187 because it was 10% at debenhams. Im extreamely happy with it, but it doesnt seem to be drying very fast...any tips?

thank you for looking! hope you are all having a nice weekend :) x

Friday, 17 April 2009


my little brother made me this isn't he good :) when i say little i mean 14, but still hes younger than me!

i wanted something with a little bit more of my personality to it, and he included my favorite flower and MAC Hello kitty (but I'm sure you all new that!) I also wanted leopard print in there somewhere and diamante and black lace. Im sure people thing thats a pretty tasteless idea- but what can i say? Im into alternative glamour and love deep colours and sumptuous fabrics.

Even my room is a tart's boudoir! it has a black chandellier foot length mirrors and red satin bedding and gold drapes over my window.I think I like to imagine im some parisian prostitute like in moulin rouge, haha not a good aspiration!

why am i babbling today? deary me.
I think its because I've had a head boring day painting a 'expressionistic' (made that word up) painting of Adolf Hitler.Which I think is too much for my brain to handle on a friday!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Post out of utter boredom! waiting for my boyf to pick me up!

...and take me shopping :) He's nice like that even though he hates shopping and i get a maximun time of 3mins in any shop.

Anyways heres a list/tag thing thats going round with products us girlies are using atm.

  • HairShampoo: tigi catwalk fashionista- I have the huge bottles so its lasting aaaaages and my mum wont let me buy any new until its all gone.
  • Conditioner: tigi catwalk fashionista again.
  • Styling products: Depends on how i want my hair, either big sexy hair volumising blow-dry gel. fudge head polish,tigi fashionista smooth and shine. or loreal texture line spiral defining cream or something like that!
  • Hair mask: Fudge dynamite, absolutley love it!!!!
  • BodyShower gel:Soap and glory clean on me, love the retro packaging and a little goes along way.
  • Body moisturiser: I can't ever be bothered :( bad amy
  • Fake tan: st tropez mixed with garnier summer body when im in the mood.
  • Face Cleanser: Mac cleanse off oil, cant work out whether this is breaking me out or im just eating too much chocolate
  • Eye makeup remover: same as above
  • Exfoliator: Ive got exfoliating gloves- a way better investment because i end up smoother and they never get used up!
  • MakeupPrimer: does strobe cream count? I dont tend to need a primer, my skin is quite dry.
  • Foundation: MAC studio fix fluid NC15, mixed with benefit true story in volume one and stila perfecting stick foundation for touch ups.
  • Concealer:MAC studio finish NC15
  • Concealer powder: Urrrm a touch of studio fix powder on top or the prep and prime transparetn finishing powder
  • Blusher: MAC pinch of peach (i think) or pink swoon
  • Bronzer: Pupa one for my russian doll palette but i dont use it often- i really want NARs laguna bronzer :)
  • Highlighter: strobe cream of perfect topping MSF
  • Eyeshadow Base: I just use concealer to be honest, primer potion didnt work for me
  • Eyeshadows:i've not really been wearing any for a while...probably the last I used was from my too dolly hello kitty palette
  • Eyeliner: just bought a bourjois one and the coours good but the brush isnt. I normally use urban decay 24/7 liner in zero or mac fluidline in dipdown
  • Eyelash base: waste of money in my opinion.
  • Mascara: clinique high impact, I've used this mascara for a few years, sometimes we get on...sometimes we dont. dont get it in your eyes it stings like crazy!!
  • Lipstick: I adore lipstick! I probably use MAC myth the most even though its not my favourite shade i perfer a nude lip as it goes with everything
  • Lipgloss: I don't normally wear lipgloss at all- drives me nuts. But now i've found stila plumping lip gloss im in love- it lasts sooo long and feels nice
  • Nail colour: bourjois bleu violet right now but I'm not a big nail polish wearer as it chips when im doing art work all the time.I normally buy barry m nail paints though- cheap and chearful :)
and that concludes my list of products i use daily.
Anyone who reads this, who hasn't posted this already, copy ,paste and give it a go!

love Maymee (thats what my boyfriend calls me lol)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Stila Haul + FOTD and a little something else!

Oh heyyy! I'm in a good mood today because I've bought lots of Stila goodies and bits and bobs :).
I needed this after suffering from easter egg guilt, as I have scoffed too many creme eggs since sunday.

Here they are for you to have a nosy...I love seeing what other people have bought so heres what I chose.

from left to right:
Stila eyeshadow in 'Cha Cha' (shimmer)-pale mint green
Stila smudge pot in 'Jade'
Stila Plumping lip glaze in 'berry mint'-gorgeous candy floss pink
Stila Plumping lip glaze in 'minty mint'- nude
Stila Perfecting stick foundation shade 'B' (it's slightly paler than NC15 in SFF)
Stila Lip glaze liner in 'lavender' (looks more like a dusky pink to me)
Stila Lip glaze liner in 'pink'
Stila Lip Glaze liner in 'Melon'
Stila High shine lip colour in 'Aida'
Stila Shadow pot in 'Honey'
Stila gel cheek colour in 'Melon flush'

I have tried all these products out already and the only thing I regret buying is the cheek gel because the colour is too sheer- but it feels cool and fresh on my cheeks so I will still use it to add a glaze on top of regular blusher.

Heres what I did with the Jade smudge pot...mixed with MAC eyeshadow (the black in the mineralised eyeshadow trio 'dangerzone')

I have a terrible cold so my eyeliner got abit messy with my eyes watering 24/7.
The next picture is my FOTD using Stila products. I look quite young,and urm I don't like my face either but oh well.
Told you the cheek gel is barely visable! I'm wearing lipstick in Aida on my lips, outlined with the lavender glaze lip liner and berry mint gloss on top. They dont look plump on this picture but they were compared to normal- cos I have tiny lips that are further dwarfed my nose.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the plumping lip gloss.My lips are so soft now :) and they weren't too sticky the lipgloss still remained after a meal too.

I've not used the foundation properly yet except for touch ups but it blends amazingly and I'd say the coverage is medium. It stayed on whilst I was in the shower too,washing the beer out of my hair from last nights prodigy gig.

oh and another thing I found out today is that the shadow pot- doesnt crease AT ALL. :D

I also bought today... some Batiste dry shampoo in tropical to keep at the boyfriends house in hours of need. it smells like coconuts so i may even use it as perfume hehehe!

With my boot vouchers I got a bourjois nail polish and a ultra black liquid eyeliner. The nail polish is great but the eyeliner is so fiddly to use :( must learn how to master it!

Heres the colour on my nails- with the jade smudge pot...

oops smudged nail

Thats all folks!!! xox

Monday, 13 April 2009

And the award for my favourite make-up palette...is Pupa's russian doll.!!

I've been looking though all my make-up palettes as I was going to review them when I remembered about this one that I bought last year in Venice.I almost forgot about it because I keep it at my boyfriends and as its so pretty i forgot it had make-up inside!

It cost 85 euros, which might have been a rip off, but who cares!? It's so gorgeous and the quality is comparable to MAC, if not the same.
This review is going to have loads of photos because I can't describe every bit of
it- it's amazing.

I've also done swatches for you :)

here goes:
there are 5 dolls in total inside one another

they contain:
lipgloss/lipstick,highlighters,blushers,bronzers,mascara,lipliner,face powder.The pictures are a little messed up but heres some more...

Large Doll: has 6 drawers in lower half with 3 colours in each draw,these are a mixture of eyeshadows,applicators,highlighters and lip gloss/lipstick.
The face swivels up to reveal a mirror with a dolls face on. Round the middle there is a heart-shaped cutout that can me moved around the body the reveal numerous eyeshadows, blushers and face powder.

Medium Doll: Opens up to reveal doll face mirror,various eyeshadows and lipglosses. 3 other minature dolls plus black mascara, nude/tan lipliner and black eyeliner pencil.
Small Doll: the sides pull out to reveal a compact with eyeshadows and glitter glosses.The face slides up and can be used as a mirror. It also has a cute russian doll charm on.

2Tiny Dolls:one holds 2 eyeshadow applicators and the other has two glosses inside.

What I love about all the shadows and glosses are that they have imprinted patterns on and are heart-shaped or doll shaped. It's all very clever :)

here are the glorious swatches too!

There are 20 eyeshadows in total- some can be used as blushers too.
4 are a matte finish but most of the them are shimmer- no big glitter particles thank god. It contains a good range of colours for all people -including 3 brill brown shades- I prefer the chocolate brown.
It contains 4 pale highlighter/brow bone colours such as;
blue white
lilac white

2 bronzers- these are amazing pigmentation and not orangey!
2 blushers-look quite dark but they look fab on the cheeks and in NC15
and the palest is the face powder.

3 cream highlighters

the lipglosses, there are 16 in total but only about 6 I use as the others are glitters and arent very pigmented.

Wow. If you've managed to get though this post im impressed :)
what are your favourite make-up palettes you own?

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Whats in my handbag?

answer: alot less than is normally in!

Hello again. I keep seeing this tag on youtube and peoples blogs and it sounded a fun thing to do on a boring saturday afternoon

anyway heres my bag- nothing edited except emergency tampons, choc wrappers i couldn't find a bin for,thousands of bus tickets and snotty tissues (kidding bout that one!)

I normally have an emergency chocolate bar but not today - anyway here goes...

The bag:
is more of an animal than a bag, I get strangers come and stroke it lol.
It's also nice to cuddle on my lap when the weather is cold hehe

I added my own little touch with the badges which i actually made at secondary school once
Anyway heres a peek inside...

Im afraid I have a leopard print obsession, my make-up bag was leopard print too but the zip broke so now its gold.

My purse is Julian Mcdonald.
The umbrella is one of those spring action ones but no idea where it's from however it does has a lifetime guarantee lol.
I have my blue Vivienne westwood notepad minus a pen- doh!
Various keys for my house,dads and boyfriends, with silly key covers to distinguish between each.
Next is my Studio fix, always have this with me for touch ups.
A red corsage from my Dita Von Teese days.
I have Next couture pour femme in my bag,because its small and i won't be as guttered if it smashed as I would juicy couture.
Theres my LG viewty with little bunny attached
Some vintage earrings
My boyfriends i-pod ( I have a green shuffle instead)
A minnie mouse necklace from H&M
A locker Key that belongs to my friend Lucy
...and the essential bits of make-up which belong in the gold bag

voila! thats not too bad is it? Its pretty heavy though.

Does anyone else have a super heavy bag?
do you carry everything but the kitchen sink?

I heart the sixies!

It's one of my friends 18th Birthday coming up and we all all hitting the town in 60's style fancy dress :) Now I absolutley ADORE fancy dress I could wear fancy dress every day!

So anyway I've been thinking about my make-up for the event and it HAS to be Edie Sedgwick inspired...

but then when i thin about how I'm gonna do my hair and what to wear, I think I'm at a blank because what I was going to wear is probably more 80's then 60's. :/
I was going to do my hair like VV Brown's

and wear this dress with some hot pink platforms and find a statement necklace (still on the hunt)

Oh dear! I don't know if its even sixties style anymore!

If anyone can help me out and suggest things please comment- I need some advice!
thankyou xoxox

Thursday, 9 April 2009

poker straight.

Heylo! I've not mentioned my new hair straightners like i was supposed to, and I think they deserve a quick mention.

I've not straightened by hair in a few years before getting these because 1) I prefer tousled waves and 2) My last pair of striaghtners broke and the plan was to invest in GHD's -however I never did.

Anyway I bought these babys at Blackpool Hair Fair for £50! they retail at £100-120 so im well chuffed. I got them from Additional Lengths , who have their own website I believe.

So as far as a review goes I think they are brill! work exactly the same as GHD's on my fine hair and stays poker straight for days. My mum however who I bought these for really as I'm hardly ever going to use them- can't live without curly hair, she finds that her hair doesnt stay straight longer than a day. but she has really thick difficult bleached blonde hair so meerrg.

They have an auto switch off after 50mins which is brill and hair doesnt snag between the plates , the warm up in around 10secs and a blue LED light flickers when they are ready to use.I don't know what else to say except MONEY WELL SPENT!

They are a gorgeous pearlised deep red with diamantes on, I got a free clutch bag which acts as a heat protectant mat and also a tote bag- all in shiny red faux snakeskin.

I am craving Illamasqua!!!!

For those that dont know Illamasqua is a UK make-up brand, that was launched late last year.Currently it's only available online, In London and at Selfridges in Manchester.
Hopefully it will be expanding soon because I want to see the colours in person!

Here's what the website says:
Illamasqua is the product of a heady mix of influences. Its roots stem from the dark and illicit 1920s club scene and combines a rich heritage in the manufacture of make-up for film and theatre. It also takes inspiration from members of the ‘alternative scenes’ for whom self-expression is paramount. Alternative cultures have always dared to be dramatic. They have an emotional attachment to making up. It’s an expression of their darker side, a release for their alter ego.

Illamasqua is for the bolder person hiding inside all of us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncracies. A confident statement of self-ownership.

It's such an exciting brand and it makes me interested in creative make-up again. I've been getting so boring recently- I can't even remember the last time I wore black eyeliner of smokey brights. I used to live for bold make-up I loved to express myself and now I feel like a wallflower :(

I think it's even taking over my desire for MAC and thats pretty hard!

I think once people get into buying MAC its often the case that they overlook some other brands a little bit- I know i have for the last few years. Now im rediscovering all my old faves like urban decay and too faced and jemma kidd and having fun creating dramatic looks.

But what I really really really want is some Illamasqua the only problem being that the swatches of colour on the website aren't really accurate :(

My wishlist includes the eyeliner cake, fierce lipgloss, intense eyeshadow-and another really pigmented dark blue/violet shade. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know!!

oooh that reminds me the wonderful Mizzworthy became my first follower! yay!
You should check out her blog shes really good http://www.mizzworthy.blogspot.com/
I also watch her youtube channel, so I know she like Illamasqua as much as me and I havent even invested yet...

Anyways finally i thought I'd share with you a make-up look I've been sporting recently- Its more everyday where for me- not too dramatic but a nice change from neutrals.

Aren't mums nice?

well, when they want to be ;)

My mum bought me these yummy shower gels the other day (she knows how much i like bath/shower products) They're by Radox and I think they're fairly new, and on special offer somewhere at the moment, my mum can resist bargains either!

anyway here they are:

They smell divine! and are the silkiest softest smoothest shower smoothies ever. I seriously wanted to drink them- this as only happened to me once before with LUSH cupcake face mask, which i tried some and it tasted quite soapy. I did manage
to restrain myself from drinking these though.

The berry one smells just like an innocent smoothie, and the coconut one smells really creamy like a mixture between ice cream and malibu sun lotion.gorgeous!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Decided I needed some retail therapy!

I've been as busy as a bee doing my art coursework all day so I thought I'd relax for a bit and talk a little about my shopping spree the other day.

It is mostly make-up and there is a reason for that which is I'm doing make-up for a photoshoot in Liverpool on the 30th of April and needed some supplies.mainly foundation really, so I got samples of a few shades and other bits I'd ran out of.
I love how little treats after a long horrible stretch at college manages to put a smile back on my face, even if the bank isn't impressed.

First I went to MAC, the MUA I spoke to was really helpful ( as she always is!) and gave me little samples of studio sculpt foundation in NW15,NW30 and NW45. I'm going to see how well these mix together for the photoshoot. I dont know whether they require a base and which brush to use but I'll have a play around later.

Also bought a new eyebrow pencil in lingering because stud was black, and although i have dark eyebrows I did look quite severe on a daily basis. I got the prep and prime finishing powder to use over all the new shades of foundation I'll be investing in because I didnt want to buy separate powders. Then I got a 217 brush to go with the 239 I got the other day.

I didn't think MAC brushes would be any better than the ones I already had which was good quality. but OMG i am so so happy I got them they make my eyeshadows go on way more pigmented. Finally I bought some cleanse off oil because I heard Temptalia rave about it. It working like a dream so far but for some reason my face was a little itchy this morning :/

Then I trekked to the gadget shop for my brother and Matt talked him out of buying a BB gun- good boyfriend!

So I ended up in superdrug, whilst the boys waited outside but they got bored and came back in to continuously poke me in the ribs and back until i leave the shop. Which happens all the time and people give me the weirdest looks its asif I've been stun gunned. anyway in an attempt to leave Matt offered to buy me what I was looking at bless him, which was some GOSH powder puff things and a tiny eyeko nail varnish.

All in all a happy trip :)

Monday, 6 April 2009

pinocchio face.

I've been seriously unhappy about my nose for such a long time and it has been causing me breathing problems which has also made me a target to make fun of.

I decided enough is enough. I'm 18 so the bastard thing should have stopped growing and it could be operated on.But then I checked the prices and I am so heartbroken that it costs so much. I don't know how much longer I can cope with it.Im fed up of feeling so nervous about it i get physically unwell.I sick of hiding it behind my hands and hair. I'm sick of having no confidence to talk to new people or be good at a job. I hate having to look straight at a camera or turn away so no one gets a profile shot of me.

I used to pretend to be ill and stay off school to avoid being bullied for it.I used to have bottles thrown at me for it.Ive had so many names called me.

I feel ugly. no amount of make-up of trying to accentuate my other features can take away from the fact i look in the mirror everyday and feel sad and angry.

I went to the doctors today to ask about it. he thinks its unlikely I will be able to get it done on the NHS although he did confirm that my breathing is difficult because i have a narrower nasal passage than most.Surprising considering the size of it!

anyway im setting up a donation fund through paypal.I don't know if anyone even reads my posts as im fairly new on this, and i hate the ideal of taking money off people for surgery but if anyone could donate even a tiny amount- literally pennies- i would not be able to express how grateful i would be.

Im already saving myself but with £31.25 a week it will take me at least two years to save and i cant wait that long.

I'm posting a profile shot thats fairly flattering to be honest ive had a lot worse pictures taken of it.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Blackpool Hair Fair 2009

This was a few weeks ago but I've only just set up a blog so I'm gonna do a little re-cap.

My friend Lucy, who I worked with on the front line (Toys R Us) does a hairdressing course at her college so i volunteered to be the model for a hairdressing competiton in the hope we would get a place to go to compete at the Blackpool Hair Fair- which we did :) I'm so proud of her for winning first place in both of the heats so although we went home from Blackpool empty handed it was a great day.

The theme was glamorous so Lucy did me a Dita Von Teese inspired victory rolls and bow made out of hair and I did the make-up and wore my corset that i love so much and dont get enough chances to wear it!

anyway here are some of the pictures...

Also bought tonnes of goodies including fudge products for a £1 and some gorgeous hair straightners :)

My great big clumsy feet

...nearly crushed my MAC parcel today.
Mr Postman should shove it though the letter box a little better because I basically stand on all sorts when I get in from college (bye bye mums contact lenses box!)

Anyway it was my first purchase from the MAC site as i normally prefer going to the counter to see everything in person. I have to say I'm very impressed with the delivery time. I ordered it Wednesday lunch and it got here Friday morning with my lovely sugarsweet goodies :) yay!

Ive not tried everything out yet because I'm 100% knackered having done nothing but coursework for the last week, and any eyeshadow I put on won't distract from the fact i have square eyes at the moment.

However I did swatch somethings. I actually only bought the MSF in perfect topping, bubbles and lollipop loving lipsticks and another eye brush- not collection related. I already have Saint Germain lipstick from ages ago which I love and wear religiously and its available in the UK all the time so I didnt get a back up.

I did want the peppermint patti nail colour but considering i never get round to doing me nails- and i wish i did! I'd rather buy the Barry M mint green which looks really similar.

Anyway just a quick review to say the Bubbles shade I was really excited about looks alot more sheer in real life- it might just be me but im paler than nc15 so the bubbles is practically the same colour as my skin which means I can wear it on its own without layering it! woohoo!

Also the lollipop loving is divine, I knew I was going to like it because its the same depth of colour as see sheer, only its a thousand times prettier because of the gold reflects.

My MSF is too pretty to touch at the moment im just in awe of it.

thought I'd share my make-up ramblings as it's a refreshing break to be talking about this then the tedious collage work I have to do.

ooooh one last thing I'm dead excited because I'm starting a media make-up course after easter- well its actually the cosmetic make-up first, but who cares! Im super looking forward to a valid excuse for buying tonnes of make-up :D