Monday, 6 April 2009

pinocchio face.

I've been seriously unhappy about my nose for such a long time and it has been causing me breathing problems which has also made me a target to make fun of.

I decided enough is enough. I'm 18 so the bastard thing should have stopped growing and it could be operated on.But then I checked the prices and I am so heartbroken that it costs so much. I don't know how much longer I can cope with it.Im fed up of feeling so nervous about it i get physically unwell.I sick of hiding it behind my hands and hair. I'm sick of having no confidence to talk to new people or be good at a job. I hate having to look straight at a camera or turn away so no one gets a profile shot of me.

I used to pretend to be ill and stay off school to avoid being bullied for it.I used to have bottles thrown at me for it.Ive had so many names called me.

I feel ugly. no amount of make-up of trying to accentuate my other features can take away from the fact i look in the mirror everyday and feel sad and angry.

I went to the doctors today to ask about it. he thinks its unlikely I will be able to get it done on the NHS although he did confirm that my breathing is difficult because i have a narrower nasal passage than most.Surprising considering the size of it!

anyway im setting up a donation fund through paypal.I don't know if anyone even reads my posts as im fairly new on this, and i hate the ideal of taking money off people for surgery but if anyone could donate even a tiny amount- literally pennies- i would not be able to express how grateful i would be.

Im already saving myself but with £31.25 a week it will take me at least two years to save and i cant wait that long.

I'm posting a profile shot thats fairly flattering to be honest ive had a lot worse pictures taken of it.

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