Saturday, 18 April 2009

Is it just me or does everyone love getting parcels?my hair curler arrived!woo!

Hey everyone!
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I have to say I LOVE getting parcels in the post. Even though I know what I've ordered..when it comes wrapped up or in a big box with my name on I get really excited lol it's like having a birthday or christmas. I don't know if anyone gets as over-excited as I do though. :)

One of the nicest parcels comes from LUSH cosmetics. They put loads of effort into the wrapping paper and string to hold it together. I don't know if i've mentioned this before but you know the popcorn they use for packaging? well when i worked at LUSH we had a customer ring up and complain that they had eaten the popcorn in the box and now had an upset stomach! Well...what a silly thing to do!! hehe. Honestly something that has been covered in bath bomb dust isn't going to taste very pleasant is it?

For working there i've had numerous parcels from them (especially christmas time when everybody gets a bumper selection of all the seasonal goodies) and they are absolutely fab! It kind of reminds me of a lucky dip at a carnival when you bury in the sawdust for a little present, except with lush its popcorn :) (chosen because its dio-degradable,and lightweight).

You have to love LUSH to work there, I was a lush addict and a nice perk of the job is you get to try samples of most of the products to be able to sell them to customers in future. You have to really know what your talking about as well as the ingredient knowledge and skin types etc. I have it all in my memory still too. I think its the kind of information that never leaves you...

anyway I'm rambling..what i really wanted to blog about was my new Babyliss pro porcelain conical wand

I ordered these for £30 inc p+p from The delivery was fast and I even got free samples of fekkai hair conditioner :)

This is what it looks like, pretty plain but let me tell you the effects are far from plain!!

Yes Im pulling a silly face as usual!

This is my hair the day AFTER I used these tongs. I absolutely love the soft wave effect and its so easy to do!simply wrap a random section of hair around the barrel and hold for a few seconds then release.
I've heard reviews that said people have burnt their fingers on these but I can honestly say I haven't and im not using the free finger shields provided.
I have the babyliss curl press too and that it fiddly to use and burns my fingers but this does not. I'm so gutted I hadn't bought it sooner!

I also bought a pair of the false eyelashes designed by Girls Aloud from superdrug.
I bought cheryl's pair, but only because It was too difficult to choose as they are all gorgeous

They look very dramatic but tiny in the box but the effect on it stunning compared to other false eyelashes I have tried. MAC's eyelashes for example are often a little too long and then the effect of your eye make-up is lost a little. These girls aloud lashes however are 'my own lashes but more lush' kind of material.

People think Cheryls lashes are very dramatic and are night time wear but I would happily wear them in the day because they dont look too dramatic on me.

I'm going to treat myself to a different members eyelashes every week from now on lol.

Speaking of treats my lovely boyfriend bought me MACs 187 because it was 10% at debenhams. Im extreamely happy with it, but it doesnt seem to be drying very fast...any tips?

thank you for looking! hope you are all having a nice weekend :) x

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