Thursday, 9 April 2009

Aren't mums nice?

well, when they want to be ;)

My mum bought me these yummy shower gels the other day (she knows how much i like bath/shower products) They're by Radox and I think they're fairly new, and on special offer somewhere at the moment, my mum can resist bargains either!

anyway here they are:

They smell divine! and are the silkiest softest smoothest shower smoothies ever. I seriously wanted to drink them- this as only happened to me once before with LUSH cupcake face mask, which i tried some and it tasted quite soapy. I did manage
to restrain myself from drinking these though.

The berry one smells just like an innocent smoothie, and the coconut one smells really creamy like a mixture between ice cream and malibu sun lotion.gorgeous!

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