Friday, 17 April 2009


my little brother made me this isn't he good :) when i say little i mean 14, but still hes younger than me!

i wanted something with a little bit more of my personality to it, and he included my favorite flower and MAC Hello kitty (but I'm sure you all new that!) I also wanted leopard print in there somewhere and diamante and black lace. Im sure people thing thats a pretty tasteless idea- but what can i say? Im into alternative glamour and love deep colours and sumptuous fabrics.

Even my room is a tart's boudoir! it has a black chandellier foot length mirrors and red satin bedding and gold drapes over my window.I think I like to imagine im some parisian prostitute like in moulin rouge, haha not a good aspiration!

why am i babbling today? deary me.
I think its because I've had a head boring day painting a 'expressionistic' (made that word up) painting of Adolf Hitler.Which I think is too much for my brain to handle on a friday!

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