Friday, 3 April 2009

My great big clumsy feet

...nearly crushed my MAC parcel today.
Mr Postman should shove it though the letter box a little better because I basically stand on all sorts when I get in from college (bye bye mums contact lenses box!)

Anyway it was my first purchase from the MAC site as i normally prefer going to the counter to see everything in person. I have to say I'm very impressed with the delivery time. I ordered it Wednesday lunch and it got here Friday morning with my lovely sugarsweet goodies :) yay!

Ive not tried everything out yet because I'm 100% knackered having done nothing but coursework for the last week, and any eyeshadow I put on won't distract from the fact i have square eyes at the moment.

However I did swatch somethings. I actually only bought the MSF in perfect topping, bubbles and lollipop loving lipsticks and another eye brush- not collection related. I already have Saint Germain lipstick from ages ago which I love and wear religiously and its available in the UK all the time so I didnt get a back up.

I did want the peppermint patti nail colour but considering i never get round to doing me nails- and i wish i did! I'd rather buy the Barry M mint green which looks really similar.

Anyway just a quick review to say the Bubbles shade I was really excited about looks alot more sheer in real life- it might just be me but im paler than nc15 so the bubbles is practically the same colour as my skin which means I can wear it on its own without layering it! woohoo!

Also the lollipop loving is divine, I knew I was going to like it because its the same depth of colour as see sheer, only its a thousand times prettier because of the gold reflects.

My MSF is too pretty to touch at the moment im just in awe of it.

thought I'd share my make-up ramblings as it's a refreshing break to be talking about this then the tedious collage work I have to do.

ooooh one last thing I'm dead excited because I'm starting a media make-up course after easter- well its actually the cosmetic make-up first, but who cares! Im super looking forward to a valid excuse for buying tonnes of make-up :D

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