Monday, 13 April 2009

And the award for my favourite make-up Pupa's russian doll.!!

I've been looking though all my make-up palettes as I was going to review them when I remembered about this one that I bought last year in Venice.I almost forgot about it because I keep it at my boyfriends and as its so pretty i forgot it had make-up inside!

It cost 85 euros, which might have been a rip off, but who cares!? It's so gorgeous and the quality is comparable to MAC, if not the same.
This review is going to have loads of photos because I can't describe every bit of
it- it's amazing.

I've also done swatches for you :)

here goes:
there are 5 dolls in total inside one another

they contain:
lipgloss/lipstick,highlighters,blushers,bronzers,mascara,lipliner,face powder.The pictures are a little messed up but heres some more...

Large Doll: has 6 drawers in lower half with 3 colours in each draw,these are a mixture of eyeshadows,applicators,highlighters and lip gloss/lipstick.
The face swivels up to reveal a mirror with a dolls face on. Round the middle there is a heart-shaped cutout that can me moved around the body the reveal numerous eyeshadows, blushers and face powder.

Medium Doll: Opens up to reveal doll face mirror,various eyeshadows and lipglosses. 3 other minature dolls plus black mascara, nude/tan lipliner and black eyeliner pencil.
Small Doll: the sides pull out to reveal a compact with eyeshadows and glitter glosses.The face slides up and can be used as a mirror. It also has a cute russian doll charm on.

2Tiny Dolls:one holds 2 eyeshadow applicators and the other has two glosses inside.

What I love about all the shadows and glosses are that they have imprinted patterns on and are heart-shaped or doll shaped. It's all very clever :)

here are the glorious swatches too!

There are 20 eyeshadows in total- some can be used as blushers too.
4 are a matte finish but most of the them are shimmer- no big glitter particles thank god. It contains a good range of colours for all people -including 3 brill brown shades- I prefer the chocolate brown.
It contains 4 pale highlighter/brow bone colours such as;
blue white
lilac white

2 bronzers- these are amazing pigmentation and not orangey!
2 blushers-look quite dark but they look fab on the cheeks and in NC15
and the palest is the face powder.

3 cream highlighters

the lipglosses, there are 16 in total but only about 6 I use as the others are glitters and arent very pigmented.

Wow. If you've managed to get though this post im impressed :)
what are your favourite make-up palettes you own?

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