Tuesday, 28 April 2009

MAC senior artist James M visited college today

I think all the cosmetic and media make-up girls can stand united and say we were super excited at the oppotunity to see a professional at work and ask him questions but we ended up abit awestuck and instead just gazed in wonder and amazement at what this man can do with make-up.

He did a neutral face look first. I haven't photos but i will try to explain the main products used and how...

first he primed the skin with strobe fluid on a 187 brush to bring out the natural highlights of the face.
Then he applied face and body foundation with his hands (no brushes!) building up coverage where needed.
He used studio sculpt concealer and a 217 brush under the eyes and on any redness.
Next James contoured the face using mineralize skin finish natural in medium dark using what looked like a 136 brush (it was large and supersoft, not stiff)after buffing this into the skin he added Shimpagne minerlise skinfinish on top of the cheek bones and down the nose adding highlights to the skin.
Then added powder blush using a large brush again but im not 100% sure if it was the 136 he used a mac pro colour which was a very vivid pink but he built a light wash of colour rather than used the product heavily.
The cheeks were then finished using pink rebel lustre drops which will be realised with the style warriors collection ( just to let you know this product looks absolutely stunning on)
For the eyes he used a cream colour base straight on the eyelid without priming first using a 249 brush, the colour he used was very light beige from what i could tell but im not sure on the actual shade.
He then added shadow in wedge to the socket line blending using a 222 brush...or was it 224? one of the two im having to memorise this from earlier!
Next was the liquid black eyeliner on the angled 208 brush and mascara using the mascara brush.
The eyebrows were filled in fling
and to the lips he added a very pale gold dazzleglass gloss over concealer (wish i could remember which!)

...if i get photos from other people in my class i will post to show you the look and maybe blog about the smokey eye look later :)


p.s apparently MAC are closing down the nottingham store for a day so we (just our class )can go in and take our time looking and trying the products so i need to get saving immediately lol

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