Thursday, 9 April 2009

poker straight.

Heylo! I've not mentioned my new hair straightners like i was supposed to, and I think they deserve a quick mention.

I've not straightened by hair in a few years before getting these because 1) I prefer tousled waves and 2) My last pair of striaghtners broke and the plan was to invest in GHD's -however I never did.

Anyway I bought these babys at Blackpool Hair Fair for £50! they retail at £100-120 so im well chuffed. I got them from Additional Lengths , who have their own website I believe.

So as far as a review goes I think they are brill! work exactly the same as GHD's on my fine hair and stays poker straight for days. My mum however who I bought these for really as I'm hardly ever going to use them- can't live without curly hair, she finds that her hair doesnt stay straight longer than a day. but she has really thick difficult bleached blonde hair so meerrg.

They have an auto switch off after 50mins which is brill and hair doesnt snag between the plates , the warm up in around 10secs and a blue LED light flickers when they are ready to use.I don't know what else to say except MONEY WELL SPENT!

They are a gorgeous pearlised deep red with diamantes on, I got a free clutch bag which acts as a heat protectant mat and also a tote bag- all in shiny red faux snakeskin.

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